German Forum Party

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German Forum Party
Deutsche Forumpartei
LeaderJürgen Schmieder
Founded27 January 1990
Dissolved12 February 1990
Merged intoAssociation of Free Democrats
HeadquartersKarl-Marx-Stadt, East Germany
Political positionCentre

The German Forum Party (German: Deutsche Forumpartei) was an opposition political party in East Germany. It was formed from the New Forum (Neues Forum) citizens' movement. It was founded in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz) on 27 January 1990. Its first chairman was Jürgen Schmieder. It described itself as being at the political centre.

It was invited to join the Christian Democrat-dominated Alliance for Germany coalition for the 1990 Volkskammer election but instead it joined the Association of Free Democrats on 12 February 1990.

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