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I started contributing to the Waterford City article a few years ago, such as adding some history and some photographs. Aside from that, I mostly just made a few edits here and there, where I thought they were needed.

As wikipedia has become more influential, I have become more interested, since it is now considered, if not a perfect source of information, a good, reasonably reliable source, and often the only source (sometimes information is actually not available elsewhere on the web, or else it is scattered under different topics).

I have made contributions to the Cities in Ireland article: read, fought wars over it. I come from Waterford city myself and I have always been interested in cities in Ireland, their history, status and so on. I think I have made this article more accessible by creating re-directs to it from 'irish cities', etc., etc. Not just for the sake of making my pet topic more important, but because so few combinations of 'ireland', 'irish', 'city' and 'cities' allowed it to be discovered by a search. The proof seems to be in the pudding because the number of contributors have gone through the roof since, and it has been revised heavily. It seems many people are interested in this topic, and with about a third of the Irish population living in a city, why wouldn't they? :)

Recently, I've started a few Waterford related articles, e.g. John's River and Little Island, Waterford, on small topics. I am putting off the evil day of giving the main Waterford article a major revamp, as it's not in a great state at the moment.

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