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Although I consistently go by the moniker Jonadab the Unsightly One or simply Jonadab (here, on Perlmonks, on the CPAN (JONADAB), on slashdot, on my blog, on various other web fora, ...) I am not trying to hide my identity. My real-world name is Nathan Eady, and I live at 307 Gill Avenue in Galion. I picked up the moniker in college because there were simply too many people named Nathan (the others all ended up with nicknames too, for the same reason, or else just went by their last names), and I have kept it on the internet because it is distinctive and memorable and because I like it.

I was born during the Ford administration, but the first political event I remember is the Reagan election in 1980. The OS on my first PC was PC-DOS 3.3. I first used the internet circa 1994. I used usenet before I used the web (but not before the web existed). I remember gopher and Mosaic and Yahoo being hosted on akebono. The first Linux distribution that I used was Debian 1.3.1.

I have a B.S. with a major in pure math, for whatever that's worth.